Legal Finance SE: Further lawsuits filed in financed cases

Litigation financing company Legal Finance SE announces further lawsuits in financed cases. Two weeks ago, Legal Finance announced that a lawsuit had been filed in one of its litigation finance cases. In this case, Legal Finance pays all legal costs and, if successful, takes a stake in the company involved in the dispute.

Now for the next set of lawsuits: lawsuits have been filed in a number of other cases financed through the subsidiary Legal Finance International GmbH (Düsseldorf, Germany). Again, these are international and complex cases, which have been reviewed by specialist lawyers and ultimately brought to court as no out-of-court settlement has yet been reached. In these cases, Legal Finance participates in the success of the proceedings.

Legal Finance finances the cases through its German subsidiary Legal Finance International GmbH and expects to receive significant cash inflows if the case is won. As in every case, financing decisions are based on careful analysis of potential and risk.

Legal Finance also examines financing in several other cases, including in capital market law.





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