Further litigation funded: Litigation funder Legal Finance SE files new lawsuits

Legal Finance SE announces that new lawsuits have been filed in several of its funded cases. This development follows the company's active involvement in various legal proceedings in recent weeks.

The newly filed lawsuits concern a number of complex and international cases. Legal Finance has selected these cases for their strategic importance and high potential. In each of these cases, Legal Finance is funding all litigation and legal costs and will share in the outcome if the case is successful.

In line with its usual practice, Legal Finance has also assessed the need for interim injunctions in the cases it has now funded and will initiate them if necessary.

Legal Finance's involvement in these cases underlines its role as a dynamic player in litigation finance. The decision to fund these actions is based on a thorough assessment of each case, carefully weighing both the potential and the risks.

Legal Finance remains committed to supporting litigation and is constantly considering new cases for funding. These cover various areas of law.





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